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Salting in walls, making them feel damp. Wet rot / Damp rot creating fungi on tiber from the inside out.

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Rising Damp Treatment

Rising damp is causes when there is a failure of breach of a damp course and the consequence of this can be salting in the walls and the wall feeling damp.

Moisture is absorbed into the brickwork and mortar from the foundations. This passes through the building and results in dampness in walls. It is characterised by a tide line.

What we do to install a damp course:

  • Remove the decayed skirting board.
  • Removing the damaged wall plaster to a height of one metre.
  • Drilling a series of holes into the lowest visible mortar joint and injecting them with a water repelling chemical.
  • Replastering the effected area.

Wet & Dry Rot Treatment

Wet rot, otherwise known as damp rot, is a fungi that attacks damp timber, consuming it from the inside outward. It is caused by a high moisture content in wood.

How we treat wet rot:

  • Cure the source of the dampness.
  • Remove rotted timbers.
  • Replace rotted timbers with fresh wood that is treated with a wood preservative so as to resist future wet rot and dry rot infestations.
  • New timbers are isolated from any damp brickwork.

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