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We guarantee to offer you the client your lowest quote, if you receive a lower quote from one of our competitors we guarantee to beat it by 10%.

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Lock Repairs

We guarantee to offer you the client your lowest quote, if you receive a lower quote from one of our competitors we guarantee to beat it by 10%.

Our Locksmith Price Guide:

  • Emergency Lock Entry From – £45

  • Cylinder lock changes/fitting from – £60

  • Mortice Lock changes/fitting from – £80

  • UPVC mechanism changes from – £120

  • Digital lock fitting from – £110

  • Front door supply and fitting from – £550 (include locks, hinges and wood treatment)

  • Alarm system fitting from – £300

  • Security grills fitted from – £273

"The door has accidentally closed behind you"
This is probably one of the most common problems that a locksmith in Glasgow will encounter and solve; It is thought to happen roughly around 400 times a day in the Glasgow area. SJB Locksmiths will be able to open the door in a short space of time with no damage to your lock or your door at all.
"Have you Lost your keys"
In this situation there are two solutions, the locksmith can either pick or drill the dead lock. Any dead lock that needs to be drilled will probably need to be replaced with a new one.
"The key is stuck and does not turn in the lock"

There are several reasons why this might have happened:
– You have the wrong key
– The lock needs some lubricant
– The door is warped or jammed preventing the latch or door from moving freely
– The snib (button on the inside) has broken or slipped into the locked position, locking the latch completely
– The lock has broken due to wear and tear over time

"The Locks and keys need to be replaced"
This is also a very common job a locksmith will undertake, it is often required as the result of a break in, a stolen bag or keys or the property is changing tenants.

Most locks can be changed quite simply as they come with a basic set of instructions. However it is important to get the correct measurements and replace the old locks with identical locks otherwise the simplest job can become an expensive time consuming nightmare.

"There has been a break in to your property"
If you find yourself in this horrible position you are going to need a 24 hour locksmith with a quick response time to repair the damage, change the locks and make the property secure again.

Lock Replacements

Isn’t it infuriating when you lock yourself out of the house or office? Help is at hand if you live in the Glasgow, Paisley or surrounding areas. Just call us on 0800 612 4369 and one of our professional locksmiths will be there to assist you as quickly as possible.

Locksmith Services

From supplying and fitting a full set of locks to replacing just one our locksmiths can accommodate all your security requirements in a professional and timely manner. Should it be necessary to repair carpentry or masonry as a result of gaining access when no key is available our locksmiths also carry a comprehensive range of materials to repair and make good any damage.

Security Advice

No matter how safe the area is where you live it is NEVER advisable to leave a key outside under a plant pot or in some other area that you believe no one else will find it. One of the best ways to avoid locking yourself out is the purchase of a coded key box providing external secure key storage. For more information on these miniature safes call us on 0800 612 4369 or ask our locksmith when he is on site.

Door Entry

Access control

This is a good security feature if you wish to control an area with only certain personnel having access There are many different devices here are some of the most common on the market.

The digital keypad (electronic)
The digital lock (mechanical)

When Calling Us

Upon calling us you will speak directly to one of our trained locksmiths who will be able diagnose your problem and give you an accurate quote.

This will also include:
– Cost for parts and labour
– Estimated time of job
– Estimated time the locksmith will arrive on site

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“Lost my keys and called out SJB Group. Really quick response and accessed my house in minutes. Very professional and highly recommended.”


“We contacted SJB Group to do various works at my mothers. They were incredibly efficient, considerate and their work was a credit to them. Really happy!”


“Having used many different tradesmen in the past for various things, I now just use Stephen at SJB Group for handling everything under the one roof! Fantastic service.”


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