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Roofers Glasgow & Paisley

Roofers Glasgow & Paisley


Roof Repairs & Inspection

The knowledge that your roof is leaking may come long after
the problem began as most leaks begin with a slow drip. It is
only after a period of time that you will notice that damp patch
in the ceiling or other related damage that may occur through
water ingression. For this reason it makes sense to have your
roof inspected annually or after storms, gales and heavy
snowfall. Prevention is always less expensive than cure!!!

SJB Joiners Glasgow and Paisley has team of some of the
best roofers in Scotland, available in emergencies and for the
complete building of new roofs or the repair of existing roofs.
Experienced in working with all types of roofing materials
including tile, slate, lead and asphalt our roofers may be able
to carry out some small repairs immediately as they carry a
comprehensive stock of roofing materials with them wherever
they go.

We pride ourselves on the accolade that we can work on any
roof no matter how high, whether it is flat or sloped, domestic
or commercial; we can repair conservatory roofing, fix gutters,
construct or repair chimneys, repair flashing and re-point
where necessary.

Roof Inspections
If you have an old roof and it hasn’t been inspected for a long
time, call us on 0800 612 4369 for a free inspection and no
obligation quotation. It is possible to inspect your own roof but
using our professionals is a much better option since the
inspection is free and your safety is not compromised.
In addition our roofers know what they are looking for.

For example, flashing that is usually found around pipes or
chimneys can crack or the edges may be curled indicating
that repair is necessary; discolouration of some areas of the
roof, usually green or black, indicates the presence of algae
eroding the roof and cracked tiles can often be caused by
extremes of temperature.

If you decide to inspect your own roof these are some of the
things to look for and should you find evidence of any of them
call us free on 0800 612 4369 for more information about our
comprehensive roofing repair services. Our qualified roofing
contractors will be happy to answer any questions you may

Tel: 0800 612 4369 SJB Joiners Glasgow - Roofing

Tel: 0800 612 4369 SJB Joiners Paisley - Roofing

Alternatively complete our online form.

Roofers Glasgow & Paisley
Call SJB on 0800 612 4369
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